Delana Newell, Deputy Division Chief

Delana Newell is currently an Associate Consultant who previously served as Program Manager for Innovative Paradigms’ office in Spokane, Washington.

As a Consultant, Delana trains Mobility Coordinators, Travel Trainers and support staff in all Innovative Paradigms’ offices.  Delana also provides Mobility Management services to several transit and human service agencies across the country. Undertakings have included ensuring contract compliance of human service agencies, analyzing data to ensure ADA compliance and improve operations, assist with increasing outcomes for various transportation programs and writing grants. 

As a Program Manager, Delana was instrumental in expanding the Travel Training operation into the STA Mobility Center encompassing three programs for seniors and people with disabilities. Delana managed the highly successful Travel Training program, the ADA In-Person Eligibility process for paratransit and the Mobility Mentor program. The Mobility Center programs have consistently saved STA approximately $1 million each year.

Delana’s speaking engagements have included the ADA Conference for Washington State in Leavenworth and the Association for Travel Instruction’s annual conference.

Delana has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Eastern Washington University. Delana has twelve years of experience in teaching, training and managing all different populations of people with eight of those years serving people with disabilities.