Mary Borjessan, Program Manager (Spokane, WA)

Mary Borjessan is the Program Manager for the Innovative Paradigms’ office in Spokane, Washington. The office manages a contract with the Spokane Transit Authority (STA) and provides an in-person ADA assessment process for paratransit eligibility, Traveling Training services, and operates a Mobility Mentor program.

Since 2011, Mary has held several positions with Innovative Paradigms including being a Travel Trainer, a Mobility Coordinator conducting in-person ADA assessments and as a Program Manager. As the Program Manager of the STA Mobility Center, Mary serves as the liaison between Spokane Transit and Innovative Paradigms. She conducts In-Persons assessments, trains individuals through Travel Training and provides support to the Mobility Mentor Program.

Mary has six years experience in public transportation and working with seniors and people with disabilities. She graduated from Eastern Washington University with a bachelors of arts degree in Recreational Therapy.