Ren Bean, Program Manager - Eligibility (Boston, MA)

Since 2013, Ren Bean has served as the Program Manager at THE RIDE Eligibility Center (TREC) in Boston, MA. Operated by the Innovative Paradigms division of Paratransit Inc. for The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA), TREC provides comprehensive in-person ADA paratransit eligibility services for 60 cities and towns in the greater Boston area. TREC opened in Dec. 2012 and during its first three years of operation completed nearly 40,000 eligibility determinations. As part of the eligibility process, TREC refers individuals to the MBTA’s travel training program and is the largest single source of referrals for the program.

Ren started with Innovative Paradigms in 2012, first as a Mobility Coordinator then Assistant Manager. As Program Manager, he supervises a team of 19 staff and works closely with the MBTA to ensure the highest standard of service for both the transit authority and the people it serves.

He has a background in the human services field with experience in job skills training, youth outreach and education. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Vermont.