Sean Powers, Division Chief

Sean PowersSean Powers has 11 years of experience working with people with disabilities, including 7 years in the field of public transportation.  Sean has served as the Manager in multiple locations for Innovative Paradigms.  He first served as the Program Manager in Spokane, WA where he initiated a pilot program for in-person ADA eligibility.  This led to the evolution of the program from a small Travel Training office, to a highly productive Mobility Center, which continues to provide Travel Training, while also conducting ADA paratransit eligibility assessments for Spokane Transit Authority.

Sean was also the Program Manager for the ADA paratransit eligibility center in Honolulu, HI.  Sean’s management responsibilities in Honolulu extended beyond the Eligibility Center.  Sean also implemented, and continues to manage two Travel Training programs through partnerships with human service agencies.  These agencies operate as subcontractors to Innovative Paradigms through its operation of the Mobility Management program in Honolulu, HI.

While in Honolulu, Sean worked with a local Community College to establish a relationship with the Occupational Therapy Assistant program.  As part of this valued relationship, Sean served as a fieldwork instructor for almost two years.  Throughout this time he mentored several student interns, many of whom have come to work for Innovative Paradigms as full-time staff.  The relationship continues to be a huge success for the college, as well as a significant recruiting pipeline for Innovative Paradigms. 

Sean has also been instrumental in the refinement of various computer based systems used to manage the range of services provided by Innovative Paradigms.  These include proprietary systems used to manage all aspects of in-person ADA paratransit eligibility and travel training programs. 

Sean has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Washington State University with a minor in Sociology.