Stacie Morales, Program Manager (Stanislaus County/Modesto, CA)

Stacie Morales

Stacie Morales joined Innovative Paradigms in August of 2013, as the Program Manager of MOVE, the designated CTSA in Stanislaus County, California.  Stacie has over seven years’ experience in the transit industry.  In addition, she has over 21 years’ experience in business, marketing and mobility management projects.

MOVE currently offers two programs, travel training and the BRIDGES Volunteer Driver Program.  In addition, MOVE offers technical assistance to human service agencies in the Stanislaus region on such issues as veteran transportation, operating protocols, and strategic transportation planning.  Stacie works closely with social service agencies to ensure that prospective consumers’ needs are met.  She has extensive experience creating partnerships with local human service agencies to proactively address issues with seniors and persons with disabilities.

Stacie is an active member of her community.  She has recently served 8 years on local school boards.  She is currently a member of the Commission on Aging and the chair for the Social Service Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC).