Travel Training Options

As the industry leader in mobility management, Innovative Paradigms will partner with you to develop the successful travel training program you want. Our team can design, implement and manage a program for you or assist you with setting up your own program. We not only know what to do; more importantly, we know what not to do.

We will set up and run your program for you
Innovative Paradigms is not just a consulting firm. Our team has 29 years of direct experience in running very successful travel training programs. We are skilled at designing, implementing, and managing customized travel training programs.

  • We understand the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and disability-related issues, based on providing accessible transportation since 1978.
  • We have developed policies, training manuals and procedures, which are used as the basis for the nationally recognized Easter Seals Project Action Train the Trainer program.
  • Our staff are cross-trained to handle every aspect of travel training, such as working with agency partners, assessing program needs, hiring staff, training trainers and participants, or managing a program.
  • We know how to hire good trainers – what skill sets and temperament they need.
  • We work very “hands on” with agencies and stress with our staff the importance of communication.
  • We are highly experienced in community outreach to targeted populations.
  • We are skilled at designing effective training for both individuals and groups.

See current Innovative Paradigms travel training projects.

We will help you set up your own program
Do you want to set up your own travel training program? We can help. Our team knows every aspect of setting up a program. We can assist to

  • Assess the needs in your community
  • Set up your office space
  • Hire and train your staff
  • Set up reporting and record-keeping systems
  • Plan outreach to other agencies and target populations

For more information, contact Phil McGuire.

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