MOVE has a new website! - Modesto, CA (11/2016)

MOVE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting the residents of Stanislaus County with transportation options to access the community. We empower people to improve their lives by finding the most appropriate mode of transportation for their needs. Our staff strives to promote mobility for individuals who face challenges because increased mobility supports greater independence and a higher quality of life. We offer a variety of programs to fit the diverse needs of our clients.

Business Access Award - Spokane, WA (10/2016)

The Spokane Transit Mobility Center was awarded the 2016 Business Access Award, given by Access Spokane. 

This prestigious award is given to an employer, business, or individual who has taken extraordinary strides to support disabled people’s employment in Spokane.

Link to the press conference:

Business Access Award - Spokane, WA 10-2016

The CTSA of Stanislaus County unveils its new name and look (10/2015)

The CTSA of Stanislaus County was established by StanCOG in 2010. Initially the CTSA established a travel training program to teach seniors and individuals with disabilities how to use public transit services in Stanislaus County. Since 2010, the CTSA has implemented a variety of other transportation programs that enhance the lives of seniors, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and others with specialized transportation needs.

Now five years old, the CTSA is ready for a New Name and Look that reflects its mission and diverse transportation programs.



MOVE’s Travel Training Program changes lives by teaching participants how to independently utilize fixed route transit throughout Stanislaus County. Trainers work with individuals one-on-one or in groups. Without travel training, many of the trainees would rely on more costly forms of transportation such as Dial-A-Ride or simply would not be able to participate in work and/or day programs or attend medical appointments.

BRIDGES Volunteer Driver Program

MOVE’s Bridges Volunteer Driver Program changes lives one ride at a time by meeting the critical transportation needs of people who are unable to use public transit. By providing mileage reimbursement to volunteer drivers, Bridges provides door-to-door and door-through-door transportation assistance for everyday needs including medical appointments, grocery shopping, and social activities.

VETSVAN Volunteer Driver Program

The VetsVan program provides rides for homebound veterans who have no other way to get to their medical appointments. Two wheelchair accessible vans have been donated and are driven by volunteers who are scheduled by MOVE.


MOVE staff works in partnership with transportation providers and human services agencies throughout Stanislaus County to connect people with life changing transportation options. At community events, in presentations and in one-on-one interactions, they share their extensive knowledge about MAX, StaRT, CAT, and BLST – the County’s four public transit agencies – as well as the transportation services provided by MOVE and other human service organizations.

MOVE also supports the community’s human service agencies with coordination and technical assistance.

MOVE is working on a number of new and expanded transportation programs to further enhance the options for service available to those in the greatest need. These programs may include additional door-through-door transportation options, a taxi voucher program and other services for seniors and low income families. 

Grant Awards (10/2014)

The Stanislaus Council of Governments (StanCOG) has awarded the Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (CTSA), operated by the Innovative Paradigms Division of Paratransit, Inc. two grants: 

Jobs Access Reverse Commute (JARC/5316)

New Freedom (5317) 

The funding from the JARC grant will assist with the expansion of service for the Travel Training Program which was initially created in 2010. This expansion will provide the opportunity for additional outreach and training for low income individuals to and from jobs and activities related to their employment within the Modesto Urbanized area. 

The funding from the New Freedom grant will assist with the expansion of service for the Volunteer Driver Program. This expansion will provide the opportunity for additional outreach to seniors and persons with a disability. The funding will also allow the CTSA and a subcontractor to increase the number of rides provided to this specialized population. This program will go beyond the ADA in that it provides a door-through-door transportation option for qualified residents of Stanislaus County. Transportation is provided to basic life sustaining needs including medical appointments and dialysis treatments. The program serves the disabled community and seniors that have no other available transportation option.

The funding will also provide an opportunity to perform an ADA Eligibility Process Study. An in-person eligibility process provides for much greater accuracy in determining the level of eligibility that is appropriate for each individual and sets the stage for trip-by-trip service allocation.

We are also conducting a branding study to establish a new and more easily understood identity for the CTSA. This branding study will allow the CTSA to build a compelling association between our name, logo and our services. This brand will then be used throughout the community in all of its public outreach. This will be followed by creation of a dedicated website for the CTSA that will greatly enhance the ability of the agency to inform the community about available services, communicate key information and provide a central point of resource distribution. 

Finally, we will be assisting the subcontracted agency, Catholic Charities, with creation of a general database to track all services provided, computer tools to improve their capability to schedule rides, and have the ability to customize reports in order to meet the requirements of their funding sources. Innovative Paradigms experience in creating custom technology makes this project with Catholic Charities a perfect match.