In-Person Eligibility Assessment

Innovative Paradigms takes the lead in establishing the new industry standard in an integrated in-person eligibility assessment system.

The Innovative Paradigms method of in-person eligibility processing is unique, due to our custom-designed technology.  It is customized for the tasks, extremely efficient, easy to use and fully ADA compliant. 

It is supported by our unique, customized data management solution.  With in-person determinations, our mobility coordinators conduct interviews and perform functional assessments on applicants to make the determination.  These determinations involve in-person interviews, as well as functional assessments using tools such as the Tinetti Gait, Balance Test and the Transit Skills Assessment.  Our mobility coordinators have a background working with seniors or people with physical or developmental disabilities and are trained travel trainers.

One of our top priorities is to establish good working relationships with agency partners.  Communication is key and we make sure our agency partners receive regular updates through both formal and informal communication channels.