Travel Training

Innovative Paradigms’ travel training program is designed to assist people with disabilities to develop the skills and confidence that are needed to use the public transit system. By improving the skills that are needed for using public transportation, a person can become more confident and independent in their abilities to travel within their communities.

With over 29 years of direct experience, the Innovative Paradigms team has the most background in the nation, in developing travel training programs to meet specific agency needs.  Our mobility trainers have travel trained over 12,800 individuals to ride fixed-route public transit, and we have established programs with transit agencies across the country that have trained tens of thousands more.

Our staff has been instrumental in developing the Easter Seals Project ACTION, Train the Trainer program, and our team member Kevin Welch is one of four national trainers in that program.  Additionally, our materials have been used as the basis for this national model for travel training.

Innovative Paradigms team members are regular speakers at national and regional conferences and trainings for groups such as Association of Travel Instruction (ATI), Easter Seals Project Action and California Association for Coordinated Transportation (CalACT).

With our proven track record that spans three-decades, we are sought after when national groups or researchers want information about travel training programs.  Recently we were invited to participate in a study for the Transit Cooperative Research Program on cost benefits of travel training services.

Travel training can be done in any environment and in many different ways.  What’s important to Innovative Paradigms is that your agency ends up with the program that best suits its needs, and we have the expertise to design your program the way you want it.  Our priority is establishing a relationship with our clients that forms a foundation for the work we do together.  Getting acquainted, coming to a good understanding of our roles and expectations and setting up clear channels of communication are high priorities for our team members.

Whatever approach you choose, Innovative Paradigms will work closely with you to develop the best program for your community’s needs.

Innovative Paradigms has developed a proprietary data management solution (DMS) that makes managing travel training programs a snap.  Participant records are maintained on a secure server network and allow for complete tracking from referral to graduation from the program.  Outreach, group, basic and intensive training can all be monitored and program reports can be created with the push of a button.  Easy to use, the DMS is can be fully integrated with in-person eligibility programs.  In-the-field work is facilitated through the use of iPads, which are linked to the DMS for real-time data access.  

Our team will get to know your community and what it needs.  We will study everything from your climate, topography, geographic areas, and of course your transit system.  Do many of your riders live in rural areas or urban areas?  What is the average length of a bus ride?  Together, we will adapt travel training to serve the needs of your area.