Mary Borjessan


Mary Borjessan, Program Manager (Spokane, WA)

Mary Borjessan is the Program Manager for the Innovative Paradigms’ office in Spokane, Washington. The office manages a contract with the Spokane Transit Authority (STA) and provides an in-person ADA assessment process for paratransit eligibility, Traveling Training services, and operates a Mobility Mentor program.

Since 2011, Mary has held several positions with Innovative Paradigms including being a Travel Trainer, a Mobility Coordinator conducting in-person ADA assessments and as a Program Manager. As the Program Manager of the STA Mobility Center, Mary serves as the liaison between Spokane Transit and Innovative Paradigms. She conducts In-Persons assessments, trains individuals through Travel Training and provides support to the Mobility Mentor Program.

Mary has six years experience in public transportation and working with seniors and people with disabilities. She graduated from Eastern Washington University with a bachelors of arts degree in Recreational Therapy. 

TIffani Fink


Tiffani M. Fink, Chief Executive Officer

Tiffani Fink

Ms. Fink joined Paratransit, Inc. in 2012 working first in a consulting capacity and then as the Grants and Procurement Manager. She received her B.A. in Political Science from UC Davis and has a Certificate in Transit/Paratransit Management from Pepperdine University, Graziado School of Business and Management. Ms. Fink was promoted to Deputy Executive Director in 2015 and became the Chief Executive Officer in January of 2017.

Prior to joining Paratransit, Inc. Ms. Fink has developed an extensive background in transit and transportation management, operations and funding with 12 years’ experience in key positions with state and local agencies. She is passionate about her work, Ms. Fink is an active member of CalACT, CTA and WTS and the past Treasurer of the Board of Directors for the California Transit Insurance Pool.

Chris Brown


Chris Brown, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, Director of Human Resources

Chris Brown

Ms. Brown was with Paratransit for 19 years beginning in 1994, returned to the organization in 2015, and currently serves as the Human Resources Manager. She earned her Human Resources Management Certificate from California State University, Sacramento in December 2001 and is a member of the National Human Resource Organization, Society for Human Resource Management, as well as the local chapter, Sacramento Area Human Resource Association. Ms. Brown has streamlined Paratransit’s employment application process to ensure the efficient processing of applications and compliance with federal and state laws. She manages the benefits programs for bargaining and non-bargaining unit staff and has been a key factor in controlling the costs in these areas. Ms. Brown has developed procedures for the timely and accurate processing of all federally mandated leaves of absence requests as well as those governed by Paratransit policy. She and her staff partner with managers and supervisors in the administration of Paratransit policies, leaves of absence and recruiting. Ms. Brown ensures Paratransit’s compliance with the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Lisa Cappellari


Dr. Lisa Cappellari, Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Cappellari

Dr. Cappellari joined Paratransit, Inc. in 2003 and has a Ph.D. in Economics from UC Davis with an emphasis in public economics and international economics. Prior to coming to Paratransit, Inc. she worked as an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. She has also worked as an economics consultant for The Results Group of Santa Rosa, CA, a firm specializing in strategy, change management, and organization development.

Jesse Isaacson


Jesse Isaacson, Director of Information Technology

Jesse Isaacson

Mr. Isaacson joined Paratransit in 2010 after graduating from UC Davis with a B.S in Computer Science and Engineering. He is responsible for the development, procurement, security and maintenance of Paratransit’s transportation, maintenance, accounting computer network, telephone system, facility monitoring systems and various other computerized and electronic systems essential to the operations. He manages Paratransit’s multi-queue automated call distributor system, radio and telephone recording system, voice-mail system, and Automated Booking and Cancellation Telephone System. Mr. Isaacson and his programming team develop in-house software applications where inadequate or no commercial solutions are available to meet the needs of Paratransit.

Tom Roberts


Tom Roberts, Deputy Executive Officer

Tom Roberts

Mr. Tom Roberts began his career in 1987 as the Executive Director of the Consolidated Transportation Service Agency (CTSA) in Santa Barbara, California. Since that time he has served as Director of Transportation and Parking Services for UC Santa Barbara, Manager of Public Transit in the Napa Valley and as Chief Financial and Operating Officer for Whistlestop in Marin County.

Mr. Roberts has an undergraduate degree in Public Administration and Urban Planning, a master’s degree in Business Administration, has received numerous recognitions for his innovations in the transportation field and has been a Board Member of CalACT, Nonprofits United and other organizations dedicated to civic improvement and enhancing the lives of older adults and persons with mobility challenges.

Over the past 30 years, beyond planning, implementing, and operating ADA paratransit and fixed-route transportation services, Tom has established a host of mobility management programs including travel training, mileage reimbursement, bus pass, scheduling/dispatch, shared vehicle, Medical/Medicare reimbursement, taxi voucher, parking/commuter benefits, community driver training, and contract transportation programs as well as establishing groundbreaking joint programs with Lyft. Tom was named Transportation Manager of the Year for the United States by the Community Transportation Association of America.

David Pearson


David Pearson, Program Manager - Travel Training (Boston, MA)


David started with Innovative Paradigms in 2016.

He as over 20 years of providing employment training including travel training to persons with disabilities and services to seniors, homeless and low income individuals specializing in outreach and community resources.

His background includes careers in human services and the hospitality industry working in major hotels and upscale restaurants.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services with a minor in Criminal Justice from Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. 

Kiosha Nelson


Kiosha Nelson, Program Manager (Honolulu, HI)

Kiosha Nelson is the Program Manager of Innovative Paradigms’ Handi-Van Eligibility Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. The office manages a contract with the city of Honolulu and provides an in-person ADA assessment process for paratransit eligibility. Kiosha supervises the eligibility center staff and conducts in-person assessments.

 Prior to joining Innovative Paradigms, Kiosha managed two alternative transportation programs in Southern California: a volunteer driver program and a taxi voucher program. Both programs targeted persons with disabilities and frail seniors unserved or underserved by transit or paratransit. Kiosha has presented at numerous community engagements and served as a panelist during a California Association for Coordinated Transportation (CalACT) semi-annual conference.

Kiosha earned her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of California at Los Angeles and her master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Southern California. She has worked with families, seniors, and persons with disabilities in the non-profit field for eleven years.

Kevin Welch


Kevin Welch, Assistant to the Director of Mobility Options, Paratransit, Inc.

K. Welch

Kevin has over 40 years’ experience in the human service/transportation field with emphasis on travel training.  Kevin worked for seven years as an Assistant Physical Therapist for a leading physical therapy firm in Sacramento before beginning his journey working for Paratransit in 1984.  In the early years, he was instrumental in assisting the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District in starting up their successful travel training program in 1987.

Kevin has continued his quest to spread the message as to the benefits of travel training and was published in the January edition of the Transit Research Board’s newsletter on the cost benefits of travel training.  He has worked to implement or provided assistance for programs in Boulder Colorado, Las Vegas, Nevada, Portland Oregon, Spokane Washington, Baltimore Maryland, Santa Clara, California, Stockton California, Honolulu, Hawaii, Salt Lake City, Utah and San Bernardino County, California.  He has presented at several local and national conferences including “The National Conference on Aging” in Washington D.C., the annual Cal-Act conference in Monterey California, and “The National Conference for “Rural, Public, and Intercity Bus Transportation” in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kevin represents the true meaning of mobility management in his efforts to assist in equal access to public transportation and striving to insure that indivudals are given the opportunity to use the mobility option that best meets their needs.    

Kevin is certified in Comprehensive A.D.A. Paratransit Eligibility, as well as in Transit and Paratransit Management. He has served as a member of the Sacramento County Developmental Disabilities Council, and is the immediate past President of the Foster Grandparent Advisory Council receiving the President’s Volunteer Service award in 2005.  Kevin was chosen to be one of four faculty members to provide instruction for the “Introduction to Travel Training” curriculum provided by Easter Seals Project Action in cities throughout the United States.  He is also a founding members of The Association of Travel Instruction and served a three year term on its board of directors.  

Ren Bean


Ren Bean, Program Manager - Eligibility (Boston, MA)

Since 2013, Ren Bean has served as the Program Manager at THE RIDE Eligibility Center (TREC) in Boston, MA. Operated by the Innovative Paradigms division of Paratransit Inc. for The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA), TREC provides comprehensive in-person ADA paratransit eligibility services for 60 cities and towns in the greater Boston area. TREC opened in Dec. 2012 and during its first three years of operation completed nearly 40,000 eligibility determinations. As part of the eligibility process, TREC refers individuals to the MBTA’s travel training program and is the largest single source of referrals for the program.

Ren started with Innovative Paradigms in 2012, first as a Mobility Coordinator then Assistant Manager. As Program Manager, he supervises a team of 19 staff and works closely with the MBTA to ensure the highest standard of service for both the transit authority and the people it serves.

He has a background in the human services field with experience in job skills training, youth outreach and education. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Vermont.

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