Kevin Welch Receives Award

In August 2018 Kevin Welch, Paratransit Inc’s Mobility Options Manager, received the prestigious Jack Gorelick award from the Association of Travel Instruction for his lifetime of dedication and leadership in the field of mobility training.

Passing It On

In August 2018, Paratransit Inc’s Deputy Executive Director and our Spokane Program Coordinator Mari Matsumoto presented a workshop at the Association of Travel Instruction (ATI) annual conference on how to establish a successful Mobility Mentor Program.

Paratransit Inc Wins New Contract in Boston

In June of 2018, Paratransit Inc was awarded a new multi-year contract to operate THE RIDE Eligibility Center in Boston, Massachusetts. This builds upon an already successful six year relationship providing eligibility services for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

Youth to Jobs

As a result of Paratransit, Inc’s participation in Civic Lab, in May 2018 our Youth to Jobs project was the first initiative to be funded through the Sacramento Transit Authority (STA). The innovative program partners Paratransit Inc. with other local public and private agencies to help ensure that students participating in local internship programs have reliable transportation to and from job sites.

Community Mobility Planning

In October 2017, Paratransit Inc was selected to join local and regional government planners, universities and private stakeholder groups in a 9 month intensive exercise to reimagine mobility in the Sacramento region. The venture, called Civic Lab, is designed to develop new ideas for the movement of goods and people and identify funds and promote promising new concepts.

Update from Stanislaus County

In partnership with the Stanislaus Council of Governments, in 2010 Innovative Paradigms established the Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (CTSA) in Stanislaus County. Based on the Paratransit, Inc. model, in the ensuing years we implemented travel training, volunteer driver, and other mobility management programs as well as prepared a county-wide mobility study, relocated the CTSA offices, and developed the “MOVE” brand.  In November 2017, the tremendous success of these endeavors resulted in the transitioning of these programs to a newly established local, stand-alone, non-profit organization.  We couldn’t be more pleased and proud.

Paratransit Inc. Partners with Lyft

Paratransit Inc and the ride sharing service Lyft have teamed up to submit a joint proposal offering a dynamic transportation solution for first/last mile and neighborhood mobility in the City of West Sacramento, CA.  If selected, this demonstration project would capitalize on agency staff’s experience working with Lyft in other locations to provide on-demand accessible service to the community.

On the Move in Boston!

THE RIDE Eligibility Center in Boston, operated by Paratransit Inc’s Innovative Paradigms division for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), relocated to a brand new facility on May 1, 2017. The new Eligibility Center was designed by the Innovative Paradigms team and MBTA collaboratively, drawing heavily on our experience designing several similar facilities around the country.
After close of business on Friday 4/28, Innovative Paradigms’ staff worked through the weekend to complete the move and reopen Monday 5/1 without missing a beat.  Features of the new facility include a purpose built state-of-the-art call center, 7 dedicated accessible van parking spots to facilitate the high number of pickup and drop offs on THE RIDE, more accessible stalls in rest rooms, a video intercom to effectively communicate with paratransit drivers, a new conference room, additional office space, and a beautiful mural in the lobby depicting the swan boats at the Boston Common.

New Faces

Barbara Russell began her tenure with Innovative Paradigms as a Mobility Coordinator, performing ADA paratransit eligibility assessments in the Boston office.  She has recently began a new journey as a travel trainer for the MBTA Travel Training program.  Her experience as a mobility coordinator makes her a perfect fit for this position.  Congratulations, Barbara!

Innovative Paradigms partners with a local non-profit human service agency in Honolulu, HI to conduct travel training services.  Recently, long-time transit user, and advocate, Kelli Okumura, joined the travel training team in Honolulu.  Nationally recognized Travel Training expert, Kevin Welch, was on-site to provide one-on-one training to Kelli.  Welcome to the team, Kelli!

CTSA Partnership Reboot

As the Consolidated Transportation Service Agency (CTSA) for Sacramento, over the years Paratransit Inc. has forged a host of partnerships with local social service agencies designed to improve community mobility. From shared vehicles to providing maintenance, travel training, scheduling assistance, insurance, driver training, contract transportation and other support, the agency’s long-time commitment to implementing creative solutions to local transportation challenges began years before the phrase “mobility management” came into vogue.  According to Tom Roberts, Paratransit Inc.’s Deputy Director who oversees the CTSA and Innovative Paradigms division, over the next several months Paratransit Inc. will be reviewing its partnership agreements to ensure their responsiveness to today’s transportation needs and incorporate any new ideas agencies might have on how to forge even more valuable and effective collaborations.
Stay tuned.

In anticipation of new and expanding programs, in March 2017 the Innovative Paradigms team relocated the MOVE offices in Stanislaus County to a new more accessible location at the Veteran’s Center in Modesto, CA.